About Trafomec

Trafomec designs and manufactures transformers, reactors and electromagnetic assemblies for a wide range of industrial applications. The Group has an international presence through subsidiaries and production facilities in Europe and Asia. Through its controlled and affiliated companies it offers a wide range of products divided into four main business lines:

A further division, Systems Integration & Services, provides technical assistance and support activity to the Trafomec's customers worldwide. Main clients are top-tier international groups operating mainly in the following industries:


Trafomec was founded in 1981 by a group of experienced engineers with 25 years of international experience in the field of magnetic components for industrial electronics. It soon became one of the main Italian players in the design and manufacture of transformers, reactors and electromagnetic assemblies for electromechanics and electronic applications.

In the late Nineties, the growth of Trafomec was mainly driven by the establishment and the acquisition of Italian and foreign companies operating in the same business, which contributed to create an industrial group operating in the main international markets, through controlled and affiliated production facilities located in Europe and Asia.

Quality Certificates

Trafomec Quality Management has over 15 years of experience. Since 2013 all the production sites of the group are acting in compliance with the same Corporate ISO 9001:2008 certification, in order to guarantee the same quality standards and the same quality approach to products and customers. In line with that, the Quality Management System for all the companies falls under one common organization and one person in charge

The whole staff, while carrying out their own activities, always consider Customer satisfaction as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of the jobs as essential factors for competitiveness and success.

Furthermore Trafomec guarantees to its customers compliance with the highest specific standards like:

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Trafomec Europe SA Quality Policy

The whole staff, carrying out their own activities, always considers the Customer satisfaction as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of the jobs as essential factors for the competitiveness and the success of Trafomec Europe.

The management within the Quality Management System declares that will:

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Trafomec Suppliers Code of Conduct

Trafomec Europe aims to high standards of integrity and sustainability. Trafomec has a 'zero tolerance' policy when it comes to unethical business behavior, such as corruption and forced labor. We expect from our suppliers to adhere to similar standards and to conduct their business ethically. As a supplier, you have to be compliance with all applicable laws and regulations required by our country, with the requirements and principles set out in this Supplier Code of Conduct and your contractual obligations to us.

A. Human Rights
As a supplier, you have to

B. Fair labor conditions
You shall ensure fair labor conditions. In particular, you will

C. Health, safety and environmental management
You shall provide a safe and healthy workplace for all of your employees and shall conduct your business in an environmentally sustainable way. In particular, you have to

D. Material compliance and conflict minerals
We comply with regulatory and customer requirements regarding the prohibition and restriction of substances, including hazardous substances and conflict minerals. Therefore, suppliers shall ensure that the goods provided to Trafomec are in compliance with requirements covered under the scope of all relevant regulations. In particular, you will

E. Business ethics
You shall conduct your business in an ethical manner. In particular, you will

F. Inspections and corrective actions
To verify your compliance, we reserve the right to audit and inspect your operations and facilities.
If the results are not compliance with this Code of Conduct, we will ask you to take necessary corrective actions.