Dry-type transformers and reactors

TRAFOMEC dry-type transformers and reactors

Trafomec produces Dry-type Transformers and Reactors for UPS, Conventional and Renewable Power generation, HVDC Transmission, Power Distribution, Low and Medium Voltage Drives (including ship propulsion), Rolling Stock, Rail Track power supply and signaling.
Rated power up to 8 MVA, rated voltage up to 36 kV, current ratings up to 48.000A.
Air Natural, Air Forced, direct and indirect water cooling.

Water cooled transformers for resistance welding and industrial automation

TRAFOFLUID water cooled transformers

Trafofluid produces Transformers with direct and indirect water cooling up to 1500kVA AC/DC up to 10 kHz for Resistance welding for robotics and industrial automation applications, Resistance Heating, Capacitor Discharge Welding, Plating and Coating, Crystal Growing, Furnace, Glass and Fiberglass Manufacturing.

Forced air cooled transformer

EUROTRAFO air cooled transformers and reactors

Eurotrafo produces Transformers and Reactors with natural and forced air cooling up to 100kVA.