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Divisions of Trafomec

Trafomec success lies in the understanding of our customer's business needs, demonstrating personal, professional and corporate responsibility in applying our technical competence everywhere we operate around the world, so that our global and local customers can successfully conduct and develop their business.
Over the years we have built up our worldwide manufacturing and service organization to support our customers business development, maximizing responsiveness to their needs.
Trafomec provides qualified Design, Manufacturing and Services to ensure the most reliable support to our customers' business.

high speed train

Transport systems applications

The Transport Systems Applications division are specialized designers and manufacturers of traction transformers and electromagnetic assembly for all types of transport, railway and marine applications.

Main products:

  • Traction & Propulsion transformers: impregnated, air cooled low/medium voltage transformers and reactors installed on rotary material
  • Traction & Propulsion reactors: incorporated or impregnated, air cooled low/medium voltage reactors for stationary railway
  • Oil cooled reactors: impregnated, oil cooled medium voltage transformers for medium voltage converters installed in rotary material
a Wind Farm

Power supply systems

The Power Supply Systems division provides transformers and inductances for power supply systems, offering customized, engineered, high quality solutions to ensure electrical power supply in a wide range of critical industrial applications, from power supply protection and UPS to integrated power supply solutions for conventional and renewable power generation systems.

Main products:

  • Driver and Rotary UPS: impregnated or incorporated, air cooled medium voltage (V>1000V) transformers and reactors for drives and rotary UPS
  • Renewable energies: cast resin, air cooled medium voltage(V>1000V) transformers for distribution or photovoltaic and solar wind applications
  • Stationery UPS and LV Solar – Transformers: impregnated, air cooled low voltage transformers for static UPS and photovoltaic inverters
  • Stationery UPS and LV Solar – Reactors: impregnated, air cooled low voltage reactors for static UPS and photovoltaic inverters
Electric power plant

Power transmission and conversion

The Power Transmission & Conversion division designs and manufactures reliable high quality transformers for High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) and Variable frequency Drive (VFD) applications.

Main products:

  • cast resin and water cooled medium voltage (V>1000V) reactors for energy transmission in high voltage in DC
  • R. - W.: cast resin and water cooled medium voltage (V>1000V) reactors for converters in medium voltage
  • Perfect Harmony: impregnated, air cooled medium voltage (V>1000V) transformers for Perfect Harmony converters
  • MV Reactors and Trafos: impregnated, air cooled transformers (non Perfect Harmony) and medium voltage reactors for filter and short circuit electric current limitation
  • LV converters: impregnated, air cooled low voltage (V<1000V) transformers and reactors for low voltage converters
Industrial resistance welding

Manufacturing equipments

The Manufacturing Equipment division offers a wide range of transformers for resistance welding equipment for the automotive, tooling machinery and manufacturing automation industries.

Resistance welding transformers (LV-MV): transformers with direct and indirect water cooling up to 1,500 kVA AC/DC and up to 10 kHz (ISO, NF and DIN standard) for resistance welding for robotics and industrial automation applications, resistance heating, capacitor discharge welding, planting and coating, crystal growing, furnace, glass and fiberglass manufacturing.

Trafomec support

Systems integration and services

The Systems Integration and Services division has been developed as a centralized transverse division to support Trafomec's customers worldwide.
The System Integration and Services division (SIS) is mainly engaged in the following activities:

  • product design and development of new projects for each plant
  • repairing damaged or defected products
  • integration, assembly, testing and maintenance

Thanks to its group of technical experts, SIS division is a gateway to the newest products and latest technologies. Its robust, customer-ready solutions are based on open standards. SIS service professionals are dedicated to help the Group's clients to implement optimized Application Ready Subsystems (ARS) that reduce their technical and business-level risk and accelerate time to market. It tries to free up the client to focus on its core engineering competencies, while attaining and retaining complete design authority. The SIS Division can be considered as a real-time extension of a company's in-house engineering team. Engineering consulting services are offered indistinctly to traditional and non traditional clients by each company of Trafomec. The SIS Division manages 5 offices located in Italy, Poland, Switzerland, China and India where local personnel, employed by each local subsidiary, support the local customer services departments.

SIS organizes and manages training and updating courses for its employees, also in collaboration with local universities, to test and identify new manufacturing techniques implementing aiming at improving the efficiency of Trafomec Group's products.